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Marketing persona: how to define your target in B to B?

Persona marketing and buyer persona, what is it? In reality, these two terms refer to the same concept. In marketing, it is simply the semi-real representation of your ideal customer’s profile. To develop this famous profile, there are not 36 solutions. You will need to rely on hard data, such as studies and interviews. After this thorough research, you will better understand their motivations and buying habits. But concretely, how does it work in B to B? Stay with us to find out, and ask yourself the right questions!

1. Who really needs your product?

To choose a B2B target that will actually consume your goods and services, develop your offers carefully! In fact, the mistake would be to offer a product “just like that” in the hope that customers will come on their own. Certainly, curious people could have fun consuming it. But in the long run, this is not a viable strategy at all. What should you do instead? Understand what you offer and how it will help your customers solve their problems.

Concretely, you will have to do this! Start by listing the main features of your product. Subsequently, it will be necessary to highlight the advantages of each of them. For example, a provider of analytical computer programs offers automated data. The advantages? For starters, you’ll reduce your operating costs. Then, you will save valuable time for the realization of your activities. Finally, switching to automated services will ensure you a good return on investment.

Once you’ve made this list, determine who these benefits will mostly benefit from. In our example below, these will be overbooked companies that don’t have time to dig deep into their data. If you already want to find customers, Magileads already has an interesting database for this.

2. How well do you know your current customers?

It’s best to start with information you already know. In this case, turn to your current clientele! Who are the people who are already buying from you? Do they have anything in common?

You can get to know your customers in different ways. By talking to your customers and conducting surveys, you will be able to gather more information about them. Unfortunately, the information gathered could be biased. To compensate for this, look instead at your sales data, CRM data, etc.

But what’s the point here? In fact, you will have to find elements, such as similar characteristics and interests. Also, it will be necessary to see if their activities are linked in one way or another. Once the list of similarities is made, you will then know which customers are the most profitable.

3. Who are your competitors?

Once you know who your main customers are, take an interest in your competitors! Concretely, identify 3 to 5 of the biggest brands in your industry and determine their marketing persona.

For example, if you’re a brand of analytics programs, are your rivals targeting small companies in the financial sector? Do they target local service providers, such as florists and hairdressers?

By identifying their target, you will be able to tackle a different market. Yes! You’ll be more likely to be successful by not targeting the same businesses.

4. What matters most to your potential target?

After all these steps, you think you have enough information to define your B2B target? Beware! Even if it gives a glimpse of a potential market, you are still far from the end of the tunnel.

Now you will need your customers’ psychographic data. Simply put, it refers to the more personal characteristics of your target. They go beyond simple demographic information and are more about values or corporate culture. Basically, your target market will need to share similarities at these levels. Only in this way will you boost your turnover.

Later, you can determine how your product will impact your customers’ business or industry.

Have you been able to gather all this information now? Very well! So you’re ready to create your marketing persona. On the other hand, if your database is outdated, you can turn to our Magileads platform. Having experts in customer acquisition and loyalty based in France in our ranks, we already offer you a database of 20,000,000 B to B customers. Now it’s up to you!

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