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The b2b buying process has undergone many changes, to the point of making lead generation a key issue for a company. Today, your website must be able to generate qualified leads. So, what can we say about the b2b lead and how can we effectively implement a strategy to generate b2b leads? We tell you everything in the following.

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How to define the b2b lead in marketing?

In b2b marketing, the lead is comparable to a potential prospect who will later become a qualified and may end up being a loyal customer. With the advancement of the digital world, the lead has become a potential business lead. It can be defined by an individual or by a company that an individual represents. The information relating to the latter is referenced on a contact form which contains the minimum of contact information that can identify him. In the context of b2b, we find some basic information such as first and last names, the company’s social interest, the email address, as well as the telephone contact.

Also, it should be noted that a lead is not exclusively digital. It is in fact the network that grants the ability to quickly detect potential leads in b2b especially. Within the b2b in 90% of the contexts, buyers start their information quests from the net. The presence and visibility on the web are no longer enough. You need to attract and maintain the attention of visitors to your site in order to get them to enter into a long-term relationship. The final objective of such an approach will be to transform these visitors into customers, by following various successive steps of the conversion tunnel found in inbound marketing.

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What is a lead generation strategy?

The technique of lead generation is illustrated by the exploitation of several actors not only marketing, but also Web marketing that you have at your disposal to capture the attention of the decision maker during his consideration of purchase. The process for lead generation is quite simple. Indeed, it is first of all a question of attracting the attention of the decision-maker on your site. Then, you will have to encourage them to provide you with their contact information as well as the information you deem necessary for their validation as qualified and ready to proceed with the purchase. The ultimate goal of this strategy is to provide sales people with quality leads so that they are converted into customers.

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So how do you manage to generate b2b leads?

Globally, cold calling is the best known process for generating leads. Nevertheless, this method has been used for a long time and is no longer as effective as in the old days. In fact, a prospect makes almost 85% of the buying journey before making contact with your salesperson. It is therefore essential to act upstream in order to seduce your potential buyers. So how can you generate leads to optimize the sale of your products and services? To achieve this, you will need to make use of the new digital players that can facilitate the acquisition of mature leads.

The implementation of a content marketing method

To generate leads, we advise you to set up a content marketing process that is able to provide interesting information for your target audience. So, do your research while focusing on the right questions. Determine what needs your products and services meet; what information your target is looking for; identify their needs. The content you propose must interest your target to the point of making you a reference in the field you touch. However, you can entrust these tasks to an agency.

Offer part of your expertise for free

Lead generation can also be achieved by offering a share of your expertise for free. Indeed, by providing relevant material on a regular basis, your visibility increases as does your credibility. You can even consider sharing tips or recommendations for free using various media. For example, you can create content in the form of articles for your blog. White papers and even videos do not stay on the sidelines. The multiplication of communication channels in order to reach your target audience is essential.

The proposal of documents that can be downloaded for data

If you want to generate mature leads, you need to create material in exchange for data. This is a very interesting deal since it promotes the collection of useful information about prospects or future customers with relevant information provided to them in return. This can be illustrated by a Template, a guide, a white paper and other means that can also be used by an agency for better results. All procedures are good for sharing these documents. You can use anchor links on your blog, as well as advertise through social networks or send emails to your database. In any case, you will have a better return if you hit more targets.

The propagation of content on social networks

When creating relevant content, sharing it on social networks is essential. Indeed, in 2021, these communication tools cannot be trivialized or ignored. However, your path should not end there. You must encourage your contact or entourage, close to you as well as collaborators, to publish your content on the networks on which they are found. So you don’t have to put aside any platform. Nevertheless, the privilege will have to be granted to LinkedIn. If you turn to an agency, you increase your chances because of their extensive address book and network.

Teach social selling to your sales team

Another point to generate leads is to train your sales people in social selling. You wonder what it is? Indeed, social selling is an effective way to find new customers through social networks. These represent a considerable gold mine for an agency and marketing sales people. Through social selling, your team can collect relevant information about prospects or future customers. This way, you will be able to send customized emails.

Consider improving your natural referencing

The work on your natural referencing is important if you want to generate leads. It will be necessary to position your website on keywords with a high added value. For this, you can find tools that offer the realization of an analysis of the most used keywords on the Google search engine. It can be for example SEMrush or even Google Keyword Planner.

Generate leads through paid acquisition campaigns

A great way to generate leads is through paid acquisition campaigns. You can in this sense :

  • Get promoted on Google by paying per click with Adwords;
  • Opting to advertise on LinkedIn with LinkedInAds;
  • Send advertising messages to users who have browsed your site in order to maintain their interest (retargeting);
  • The realization and use of a digital advertisement by means of an image or a video.

Optimize conversions on your website

It is important to think about the work of your call-to-action often called CTA. This will help turn your visitors into leads. In order to increase your conversion rates, your CTAs must be strategically positioned on your website.

The organization of events so that your notoriety climbs

To make a lasting impression and make your prospects want to take action, it is essential to go deeper. In this sense, the ideal strategy will be to organize events to maximize your visibility and charm your target. So, don’t hesitate to opt for the creation of classic physical events or to turn to webinar-type events. These refer to webinars. With at least one event every month, you can be sure that your notoriety will rise very quickly.

The implementation of a lead nurturing method

In order to convince your target or contact, the lead nurturing strategy can be used. The objective of this job is to bring your potential customers to the final buying action by increasing their maturity. The concept is very easy to assimilate even if the practice remains more or less tedious. Indeed, you will have to set up a customized content for each target you have. This will be possible through the segmentation of your data base and the establishment of your marketing personas. Thus, the automated scenes will show all their usefulness in order to make the activity of your teams less painful.

Opt for telephone prospecting from leads already worked on

It is possible to generate leads via telephone prospecting. How is this possible? In fact, unlike reaching cold leads, call leads whose maturity has already been raised by your marketing team. For example, you may call a prospect who has downloaded a guide you have made available or someone who has visited your website repeatedly. A prospect who also scores high within your marketing automation tool can also be reached directly by your marketing team.

Leaning towards inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy that attracts customers to you instead of going fishing for them yourself. The success of inbound marketing is mainly based on the fact that you create content with a high added value for your prospect or on the implementation of an efficient SEO, accompanied by a permanent promotion of the content you propose. If you want to be accompanied in the use of these new tools, the ideal would be to turn to an inbound marketing agency. This inbound marketing agency can be your best asset to optimize your leads and sales in the shortest possible time. She will be able to apply all the steps to generate b2b leads.

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Discovering the best lead generation levers in b2b

For both marketing and sales teams, lead generation remains a key issue. Implementing a strategy to generate qualified leads will ensure that you get frequent business opportunities. However, knowing how to position yourself in the prospect’s buying journey from the research stage to the end of the purchase is essential. We give you an overview of the most prominent levers of b2b lead generation to achieve impressive sales performance.

  • LinkedIn

In 2019, more than 16 million registrants for an average of nearly 10 million active users per month were counted on this social network. LinkedIn is in fact the leader among professional social networks in France and worldwide. Among the most outstanding features of the site are the possibility to search for a job, to publish offers, to recommend training courses that match each profile, as well as targeted advertising solutions and those to generate business opportunities. Depending on your message, your expectations and your goals, you can choose the ideal format to reach your audience while attracting the most interesting prospects to you. With some features, for example, it will be possible to improve the conversion rate by means of the automatic filling of contact forms and personal information belonging to the user. This huge variety of formats extends the possibilities of targeted advertising even further. This allows you to create ads while generating qualified leads in a short period of time with cost control.

  • The SEO

When you know that 90% of the world’s requests go through the Google search engine and that 70% of Internet users click on one of the first 3 results displayed, being positioned in the first positions on Google becomes essential. SEO has multiple objectives such as increasing quality traffic to your site; obtaining leads with a high conversion potential; increasing your company’s market share; sustaining traffic acquisition and improving return on investment; and contributing to your company’s reputation.

  • Webinar

A new wind is blowing on the Webinar. Today, lead-generating authors are much more interested in conferences that are often given for free on the Internet. Webinars not only generate leads, but they also help you animate your community, improve your image and establish a link with your target.

  • Blogs and white papers

Consuming content is at the heart of consumer habits. Whether it’s video, audio, text, etc., the diversity and profusion of content has become a particular boon for generating leads in digital marketing. The creation, planning, and distribution of exclusive content to reach an audience remain the most effective marketing means to position oneself in one’s sector and arouse expectations. The main levers to reach your target or to provide an already established prospect base are illustrated by blog articles, white papers and podcasts. Content marketing will always show its usefulness in educating your target, gaining visibility and even enriching your CRM via lead scoring.

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Marketing automation according to Magileads

MagiLeads’ automation solution allows you to easily create automated scenarios to send personalized messages to your leads.

With automation, you know exactly how prospects interact with your content. You collect information about their behavior. This way, you can better qualify your leads.

Finally, with the lead scoring feature, you can automate the transmission of hot leads to sales teams to initiate a first sales contact at the right time.

Email marketing is always a channel of choice in commercial prospecting. But, to remain effective, it is now necessary to gain in finesse in the creation of sequences, the content of messages and the analysis of results. Adopting an email automation solution like Magileads will help you optimize your campaigns.

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