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Is your solution compliant with the RGPD regulation?

Yes, our solution is compliant with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation). More info …

It is a regulation adopted by the European Parliament on April 14, 2016 and entered into force in the European Union on May 24, 2018.

Our database is made up of information that we collect from more than 20 sources of qualified and open-data professionals as well as INSEE data, which we aggregate and structure through our intelligent algorithms.

  • We only work with B2B data, not subject to prior consent as stipulated in Article 6 of the CNIL by the e-Privacy Directive which prevails over the RGPD, and transposed into French law.
  • We respect the obligation to put an unsubscribe link on every campaign of our clients.
  • If the customer forgets to put an unsubscribe link or it is badly written, then our system detects it and AUTOMATICALLY adds an unsubscribe link in clear text at the bottom of the page.
  • To inform the user of the information we hold, the origin of the collection and the deletion of the information we hold.
  • We can also exclude the email, domain or SIREN number of the companies that request it in order to stop prospecting them.
  • Each client will be able to import their lists (MD5 encryption) of contacts, domains or SIREN to exclude from your campaigns.
    Explanatory document PDF of the Sncd which is the professional organization representing the Data Marketing Industry

How is your B2B contact base built?

Thanks to our scripts and our intelligent algorithms, we aggregate all
daily more than 20 sources of qualified professional files.

The profiles in our B2B database are structured, merged, enriched and re-checked daily.

What are the sources of your files

The main sources of our B2B professional database come from files already constituted by specialized professional directories and leaders in their fields:

  • Public data from social networks
  • The legal information database of INSEE, Infogreffe, Bodacc, Legi France, RNCS …
  • From the CCI: The portal of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • The official directory of artisans
  • Free access directories: Vérif.com, Societe.com, Kompass.fr …
  • The OpenData files of public administrations, health, education, associations …

Are your prospect files always up to date?

Yes, because we are also a mail routing service provider to send your communications.
We check and isolate the emails of the contacts that are no longer working to verify and update the record.

Is it possible to have real time analysis and statistics of prospecting?

Yes, as we are the owners of our multi-criteria database, it is possible for you to consult the statistics in real time.

The report can be viewed and downloaded:

  • Download the list of openers and clickers of your messages
  • You have a list of visitors to your website
  • You have statistics of the pages they have visited and the time they have spent for each page
  • Display the time of the consultation of your massage and the visits on your website
  • View prospect responses to your email that we archive and sort by business opportunity
  • You can sort and view by the degree of warmth of lead engagement through lead scoring

An exclusive feature of Magileads is the ability to consult the socio-professional statistics of your prospects by email sequence.

Is your solution developed in France?

Yes, our solution is 100% French


  • It is developed in France
  • It is hosted on secure servers and in France by OVH
  • All data of Magileads and our customers will be stored on secure servers in

Is your contact base updated regularly?

Yes, we regularly check our database.

1 – Through our servers dedicated to the verification of company and contact records.
2 – By our verification scripts
3 – By the almost permanent synchronization with our partners’ files

Is your contact base responsive?

Yes, because our bases are tested when sending e-mailngs for our customers.

Thanks to the tracers that we put in our emails when they are sent, it is possible for us to control if the prospect opens his email box.

If a prospect does not open his mailbox within a month, we isolate this contact in order to stop prospecting him.

This allows us to have a responsive B2B contact base.

Our commitment: If a prospect’s email did not reach your inbox, you will not be charged.

Is it possible to see the database of your contacts?

Yes, by creating a free account on the online application
you have access to all the functions of our commercial prospecting solution.

You can search for targets and view the contact records in our database and create your first e-mailing campaigns or automation scenarios.

Is it possible to segment my contact lists?

Yes, by creating as many prospecting contact lists as you want.

Thanks to our intelligent filters, you can combine the search filters: Function, activity sector, NAF code, workforce, turnover, title, center of interest, center of competence…

If you are missing a filter among our 20 filters, do not hesitate to ask us.

Is it possible to personalize and automate sequences of commercial prospecting e-mails?

Yes, each prospect of your campaign will receive a personalized message using variables such as his name, his first name, his function, the name of his company, his sector of activity … and thus receive personalized and pre-programmed reminders.
Depending on whether or not they responded to one of your emails or interacted with the call to action in your email as :

  • A clickable link
  • Make an appointment
  • The visit of your website
  • Downloading a documentation…

1 – It allows you to humanize your commercial prospecting

2 – To define an effective prospecting plan that is responsive to your messages

3 – To prospect with good practices to bring you value

Is it possible to have socio-professional statistics?

Yes, this is a Magileads exclusive. As we have

this information

it will be possible to indicate them to you.

At the end of the campaigns, you have the statistics of the professions and categories of your prospects for each scheduled campaign.

  • By function
  • By sector of activity
  • By region
  • By the company’s workforce

This will allow you to know the mapping and characteristics of your typical prospect and dynamically create a new list of prospects corresponding to your core target.

is a new generation email marketing solution with a simple and global 360 vision of email marketing to automatically prospect and find prospects interested in your offers and turn them into customers

You will find in a single platform, all the digital tools to carry out your commercial prospection

From our BtoB database of 5 million contacts, you target your prospects and set up automatic emailing sequences as well as analysis and follow-up tools for your prospects by your sales representatives (CRM / PRM)

Yes, you can register and access the entire platform for free . You can thus carry out your targeting in the database and create your emailing sequences.

Once you have completed your tests, you will be able to purchase the package that suits you best to send your campaigns.
No credit card imprint required.

We offer packages that allow you to send your campaigns and use all the services of our platform.

There are no set-up fees!

Yes, your information is stored on an independent encrypted server , secured and located in France at OVH.

Yes, your information is stored on an independent encrypted server , secured and located in France by OVH.

We use a secure payment system (3D secure) approved by the ACPR, under the number 16568 to protect your purchases.

Check the reception of an SMS to validate your purchase. If the problem persists, contact us.

Just click on the “Customer Area” button at the top right of this page. And to follow the process.

No, all functions on https://application.magileads.eu are freely usable and free of charge.
You will only pay when you send your first campaign.

We work with a community of users that allows us to regularly upgrade our solution by adding new features.

This will keep you informed of the latest news.

1 – When you create/edit your email here: https://application.magileads.eu/creer-campagne.html

To the right of the “return email” field you have a “+” that allows you to choose the option of the answer

==> Option 01: You receive the email directly as if your prospect was answering you directly without the answer going through our platform. At this point, you will no longer have the problems reported, but we will not be able to save the response received within our platform

==> Option 02 : (the one selected for the moment) When the prospect answers, he answers our server which retransfers the email to you, that’s why you see “Nicolas de Magileads”. This solution allows us to save the prospect’s response within the platform.

With this solution, once you receive the answer, it is better to open a new conversation to continue the exchange with your prospect.

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