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What is the best way to use email retargeting in a concrete way?

Converting prospects into customers is a whole process that a merchant site will face. Indeed, it is good to have leads, but it is even better to be able to convert them. When you analyze your numbers via Google Analytics, you can see the importance of the traffic and its continuous increase. However, the disappointing part is that sales are not keeping up despite the increase in site traffic.

So, how do you go about the conversion? The answer to this question leads us to talk about email retargeting. What is email retargeting and how is it implemented in an inbound marketing strategy? We explain you all the tricks.

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Email retargeting: a practice for retargeting users

Retargeting is a digital marketing method whose objective is to target users who would probably be interested in what you offer on your website or blog. Since these users consume your content on a regular basis on your website, it will be necessary to opt for a practice to transform them into customers, hence the retargeting by means of an email.

However, classic retargeting and email retargeting are different. Indeed, classic retargeting is a way to display an advertisement on a site in order to give a new desire to your prospects.

On the other hand, when we talk about email retargeting, it refers to a follow-up or loyalty email that is addressed to your prospects so that they make a purchase on your site. This is the opposite of SMS retargeting which retargets website visitors via SMS.

Email retargeting has many benefits for your site. This realization allows you to increase your notoriety, feeds the need of your prospects, converts the prospect who engages, reduces the abandonment of cart and generates the re-purchase on a site.

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How to understand how email retargeting works?

The implementation of a digital marketing campaign by email retargeting involves the association of a browsing session on your site with an email address.

Third-party email retargeting management: a marketing technique soon to be abandoned

Be aware that email retargeting can be managed by a third party. Thus, a specialized agency can find the visitors of a site by means of its databases. When a visitor comes to your website or blog, a cookie is sent to them. The agency will then check the personal data and the e-mail address linked to the visitor’s IP. When the latter corresponds to the criteria that you have defined, a promotional email is sent to him/her in relation to the product in which he/she shows an interest. However, it is a highly criticized method and clients perceive it as invasive, as they have never been in favor of contact. The management by an agency tends to dissipate nowadays, since it does not respect the laws in force.

Personal email retargeting based on the address consulted: a successful solution in the long term

You can set up your personal email retargeting through Marketing Automation without the need for an agency. This way you can automatically track what registered users are doing on your site. This is what will trigger reminders via email. You can therefore automatically send a promotional email to your customers and all those who visit the content of your site on a product.
This marketing method is only for those who visit your site and who have given their consent to be contacted by means of an opt-in form. This emailing system generates many advantages compared to the management by agency, since it does not make you dependent on an external provider, but allows you to manage the parameters of retargeting and respects the laws of information protection.

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How to set up email retargeting campaigns via Sarbacane?

Are you wondering how to set up campaigns for a successful email retargeting using Sarbacane? Here is the solution:

The connection to your site through your Sarbacane account

It will be a question here of creating automatic scripts that are triggered as soon as a page of your website is visited. Be sure to enable and configure the ”website connector” in your account settings. Afterwards, you will need to retrieve a JavaScript script by copying and pasting it. This script is intended to be customized for all the content you want to track. This is how your site will be linked to the platform.

The creation of your automatic campaign and the definition of retargeting configurations

At this level, it will be necessary to create an automatic campaign integrating a trigger type ”page view”. With the trigger configuration options, you can determine when your scenario should be triggered. Thus, you can opt for a triggering at each visit or a triggering only after the first visit.

The creation of your script to boost visits

When you finish setting up the trigger and defining the retargeting settings, you can now set up your dunning script. In order to enjoy a better efficiency, it would be more interesting to create a mapping of the various scripts that revive. This will allow you to gain more visibility in terms of the content to be created for the various emails that will be sent after the visit. Also, make sure you don’t put a lot of marketing pressure on your contacts through too much recurrent solicitation. So you need to think about a respectable email marketing.

The realization of marketing automation

Once your script has been finalized, you can proceed with its validation. Let your marketing campaigns be automatically delivered to your visitors at the right time in their journey. Nevertheless, be aware that setting up an automatic email retargeting script is not synonymous with leaving your campaign without follow-up. You must work to frequently monitor the adaptation of your content to current events and frequently analyze the statistics of your campaigns. This can optimize your strategy and performance.

Do not hesitate to carry out an eCRM workshop that will take into account the existing to redefine all the automated scripts that will follow a customer or a prospect in his relationship with your brand and your product.

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Opt for an emailing that targets engaged visitors with relevant articles

Your engaged visitors are those who not only left you their contact information, but also regularly download content from your site. However, for some reasons, they do not buy your products on your online store.

It may be a need for time to make comparisons between products, an evaluation of what the competition is offering, or just to think. During this evaluation period, the need for additional information is at its highest before a decision is made. So, why not provide them with what they want to facilitate the maturity of their thinking via an email? Email marketing is an essential alternative in this context.

Premium content such as e-books or white papers make a big difference. You can then send a customised follow-up emailing according to your prospects’ expectations, while integrating the corresponding menu and making the visitor sway to your side. If they look at the specific e-book sent and other supplements are available, don’t wait to send it to them. As soon as a specific page is viewed, send an e-book corresponding to the products to highlight it. Show that you understand the need by retargeting emails, and without forcing the sale, your prospects or visitors will feel more confident.

Premium content sent by email will fuel your prospects’ interest and increase their desire for the products you offer. Obviously, even if this does not trigger immediate sales, it is still a marketing strategy that makes an impression on the mind of the Internet user. You are now seen by the Internet user as a trusted partner with whom he can conduct real and close customer relations.

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Email retargeting: practices in the face of cart abandonment

Finally, you should know that in e-commerce, cart abandonment is a challenge not to be taken lightly. Customers may come back to you after a long absence and select items on your site for purchase, then cancel their orders by abandoning their cart. According to statistics, 75% of shopping cart creations end up in cart abandonment. Retargeting customers through emailing campaigns of all Internet users who have abandoned their shopping cart is the solution to convince them to finalize their purchase.

It is even possible for visitors to complete their order with offers of discounts on their purchases, while creating a probable urgency to push them to make the final move. As a solution, you can either opt for news by redirecting a relevant subject in an email that asks the user if he needs help to complete his order, or simply remind him that he has selected products on your site and that they are kindly waiting for him. The best marketing strategy is up to you.

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