Email marketing automation:
to improve your B2B sales prospecting

With email marketing automation
easily create
automated scenarios

Personalization is the key to getting a high response and engagement rate from your prospects.

By inserting personalization variables such as title, name, function, sector of activity, interests…, you will increase the engagement of your prospects to turn them into customers.

Your prospects or customers have different profiles and desires

Why send them the same message at the same time?
Why not follow up with them based on an interest in your offers?
Why not relaunch them based on an action performed on your message such as downloading a document, visiting your website or making an appointment on your calendar?

Magileads Marketing Automation allows you to do this in just a few clicks.

Our solution allows, from lists of targeted prospects, to send them at the right time personalized emails that will clearly meet their needs.

In addition to a database at your disposal, Magileads includes lead nurturing, lead scoring, analytics and retargeting in one solution.
We also take care of sending your emails thanks to our high performance email routing servers that manage marketing pressure, unsubscription and customer relations.

This is what makes us UNIQUE among all the others
email marketing automation solutions

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Interacting with your prospects or customers at the right time is essential for a successful marketing strategy

The idea for you is to know who has viewed what content and when is the right time to call a prospect, if they don’t do it on their own.

Magileads offers predefined scenario templates to create and automate prospecting campaigns when your prospects interact with your message.

You can set up a fine segmentation to better target the recipients of your leads and create automatic reminders to manage your qualified leads in the PRM.

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Are you short of leads?

Automate your processes and sign more customers!
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Need more leads?
Try Magileads!

They use our marketing automation tool

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