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Technical documentation and tutorials for the SaaS software Magileads

It would take too long to go through all the features of the sales prospecting platform.

We put online explanatory videos by section on the uses of our solution.

Discover here all the technical documentation that you will also find on theMagileads application

The Uses in videos of the SaaS prospecting platform Magileads

Integration of the Magileads solution with ZAPIER

Creating automation between the application


and thousands of applications.


is a communication system between thousands of different applications from various sectors.
The automation of your actions between your applications such as the PRM / CRM, the analysis of your results allows you
optimize the time invested, as well as the number of actions to be taken,
in order to obtain the best possible optimization of your project.

Magileads and ZAPIER CRM / PRM Configuration Tutorial –

Iframe integration of the SaaS solution Magileads

An iFrame is a way to integrate the Magileads solution in your application in a transparent way.
You have the possibility to integrate the Magileads platform directly into your application using an Iframe.
There are two ways to integrate the iframe, WITH the integration menu or WITHOUT the integration menu.

Iframe integration for the white labeling of marketing prospecting software


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