Magileads is a software in SaS mode
to help with digital prospecting

Magileads is the most complete automated email marketing platform on the market.

It is used by many companies wishing to go digital, to automate their actions and no longer use a multitude of complex tools to reduce costs.
It is intended for all companies thanks to our business modules and the interconnection of their tools

  • Corporate marketing departments and marketing agencies for lead generation
  • Digital agencies for traffic acquisition and new subscribers to their newsletters
  • Sales managers to generate business opportunities for their sales people
  • Major trade show and event organizers lacking responsive files for event registrations


Automate your sales prospecting – Automate lead generation

Our unique ”ALL-IN-ONE” solution allows you to effectively prospect and generate leads and business opportunities from our qualified B2B database.

This solution offers you all the new generation digital tools such as lead nurturing, lead scoring, retargeting, statistics, predictive, PRM/CRM.

Our solution will allow you to select your core target through our B2B professionals file and to schedule a sequence of messages and follow-ups by personalized emails (lead nurturing).

We will send a first mail personalized by dynamic variables and automatically detect the people who reacted on your message:

  • Those who read your messages
  • Those who click on a link
  • Those who download an attached document
  • Those who answer directly to your mails
  • Those who visit your website, the pages they consult and the time they spend there (retargeting) in order to send them a personalized follow-up message that will be adapted according to their reactions to the message received or the visit to your site.

Thanks to our real-time analysis statistics, if the message sent is partially unsuitable for your prospects’ understanding, it will be possible to modify it in the right direction.

Throughout the campaign, you will find socio-professional statistics of people who have interacted on the email: what is their geographical area, what is the function of the prospect, their sector of activity, the turnover of the company, its workforce…

This will allow you to dynamically re-create a new list corresponding to your core target.

At the end of the campaign, you will be able to retrieve the list of people interested in your offers and/or find them in our PRM/CRM dedicated to your relaunches and thus program new automated actions.

Thanks to our intelligent algorithms, we sort and store in this PRM/CRM the responses of your prospects, sorted by business opportunities.

Features of the SaaS tool Magileads

Who are you looking for?

Enter the function of your contacts to search in the search bar


Folder that includes the search function and your contact lists

Find all your contact lists

Directory of all your lists

Find all your saved email templates

Set up your emails.
The addition of your contact list and the selection of the day of sending are done in the following step

Find all your scenario models

A script is used to nest your different email templates together to create automatic sequences and increase the engagement rate of your prospects.

We invite you to create your email templates in advance.

Find all your scheduled emails

Associate your email template with your contact list to send it

Email editor

Find all your emailing statistics
PRM – Prospect Relationship Management

Just like a CRM, the PRM allows you to follow the progress of the business in progress with your prospects
Select the folder in which you want to manage the contacts


Use your integrated calendar to keep track of all your daily tasks

Find all your sender emails

Check a domain to use it as a “sender” when sending
Authenticate your domain to increase the deliverability of your emails


Add your Calendly API Key to automate your appointment scheduling
Once your API key has been validated, you can select in the scenarios the events “Calendly appointment taken” / “Calendly appointment not taken”.

Find all your contacts excluded from the mailings

Import the contacts you want to eject when sending

Find all your registered contact forms

You can edit, save and create contact forms that will be used for your emails

Find all your saved landings pages

You can edit, save and create landings pages

Find all your signatures

Configure your email signatures

Find your entire team

You can create members within your sales team or join an already created team. Share your PRM files among your members.

Reseller area

Become a reseller and get commission on sales

Purchase of credits


In case of need, we are available at 09 86 35 85 08
Find all your contacts to follow up

Contacts to follow up


Use your integrated calendar to keep track of all your daily tasks

My Affiliate Clients
My prospects
My documents
My invoices
My networks
My statistics

They use our B2B prospecting tool